Iggy Azalea has been all over the news lately, from her recent engagement to Nick Young to her constant dram with her ex lover T.I. - the girl is everywhere! She also has been in the latest news since her latest music video with the legendary Britney Spears totally bombed and never did as well as everyone thought. Sources say Iggy blames Britney for not getting off her ass and promoting the video herself. Damn, she has no problem calling out the princess of pop music - Iggy has some balls, that's for sure! 

Iggy can't keep her mouth shut and that's probably the cause for all the drama she aquires. Is she doing it on purpose to get more publicity? I don't know if it's very smart, she's burning bridges more quickly than anyone in the entertainment industry. She even has beef in the fashion industry - she called out Steve Madden after doing a modeling gig for him. I think she should stop tweeting her anger and create music instead. 

Nevertheless, the Australian beauty is still going strong in the media spotlight and her fans love her. She is very well-known for her amazing rapping and singing ability, but what has made her a global sensation is her bodacious curvacious sexy body - especially that ass! Damn, it is fine! No matter what kind of beef the woman brings to herself, she will always be admired because of that beautiful booty!! Here are a few 

1. Damn, that ass is delicious! 

2. Shake that ass on me, girl!

3. NIce and round. Just how we like it.

4. Every angle is perfect.

5. Damn! Damn! Damn!

6. Shaking her ass next to JLo's. YUMMY.

7. Good lawdy!

8. Getting my imagination going.... mmmmmmmmm!

9. GOD DAMN. Have you ever seen a white girl with a booty like this?! 

10. Damn tease!

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