The Australian beauty can never seem to get her name out of the drama - she's a tabloid monster right now, especially with her law suit against her former lover, Hefe Wine (also known as Maurice Williams). According to multiple sournces the angry ex is going to subpoena a lot of Iggy's friends in the entertainment business - shit is going down!

This all started because Iggy Azalea blamed Maurice for taking advantage of her popularity when she first blew up the media in 2011 with her hot new music. The girl was not happy with her ex lover and was going to make sure he paid for his nonsense. Mr. Williams allegedly began releasing songs as "Hefe Wine featuring Iggy Azalea" and he wasn't allowed to do that. Reports also claim that he stole music content from her hard drive when Maurice was still romancing her.

I guess Iggy had enough when her song "Fancy" became a huge hit in 2014, and he announced that a deal with Primco Management company to release more of her music, that's what initially led to this nasy law suit.
Now Mr. Hefe is bringing in huge names into the lawsuit through subpoenas. His lawyers claim that several big names have discoverable information that will help build up his defense. Some of this people are Iggy's friends! Hopefully she won't lose any of her friendships because of this issue with her ex. 

Some of the people he has filed subpoenas against are Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, and even T.I. ( Iggy's other former lover). T.I. and her were already had drama, and now I'm sure this is going to piss off him off even worse! I guess we'll have to see what happens.... 

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