Who is Iggy Azalea?

Iggy Azalea is an Australian music performer.  Her real name is Amethyst Kelly (talk about some hippy-ass parents?).  She came over to the US early on to work on a music and modeling career.  She really exploded after her songs Pu$$y (Pussy??) and Two Times. 
As of late, Azalea has really exploded onto the music scene.  Whether this is music producers making her into the next Nicki Minaj remains to be seen.  Her ass is fat, that is for sure!  She claims to be influenced by past artists such as Lil Kim, Gwen Stefani and the Spice Girls.  As of 2011, she started dating ASAP Rocky.  That ended in 2012, and she is now in a relationship with LA Lakers bball player Nick Young, who is in the purported sex tape. 
As of early September 2014, Azalea's reps have commented that it is definitely "NOT HER" in the alleged sex tape, but we've heard that one before!  Damage control baby!


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